Aadhar Card Link With Pan Card Using SMS

By | March 14, 2018

Aadhar Link With Pan Card : In this Article let us learn how to link Aadhar Card with Pan Card First let us see what this PAN Card is all about.Income Tax Department of India has issued a card which is a  unique  10 character code  called as PAN Card.PAN resembles for Permanent Account Number.PAN Card is issued to all the tax payers in india.This card is very useful since it links all trasactions which attract tax under a single source which is very convenient for the Government to keep track of all the transactions.All the individuals who pay tax including foreigners should have PAN Card.Also those who are filing  Income Tax returns in ths country should also have PAN Card.Not only this Pan Card is also useful for  applying for passport,investing in stock market,proof of identity. i hope this article very help for who are searching for the aadhar card link with pan card using sms. it will very helpul to all.

Aadhar Card Link With Pan Card Using SMS @ uidai.gov.in

Now let us see what is Aadhar Card.Unique Identification Authority of India  has issued a unique identification card for every citizen of india and it is called as Aadhar Card.Aadhar Card is a 12 digit number which serves both as a proof of identity and also proof of address.Governament of India has took an intiative to give a single identification document for every citizen of india.This card  is a personal identification card which contains individual’s demoraphic and biometric information.if you don’t know aadhar card number/if you forgot the aadhar card number you can get aadhar card download from here. Aadhar Card is useful for various Government schemes and also Non Governament schemes for verification and identification purposes. aadhar card link information available here you can know anything from aadhar link with pan card

How to Link Aaadhar Card With Pan Card Using SMS

Now let us find out how to link Aadhar Card with Pan Card using SMS.Income Tax Department has declared that Taxpayers should link PAN Card with Aadhar Card using SMS.The process is as follows:

Send SMS to 567678 or 56161 in this format

UIDPAN<12 digit Aadhar><10 digit PAN>

Example:UIDPAN 584791456873DFRTYD23FF

IncomeTax Department has sent ads in newspaper and media about how the Pan Card and Aadhar Card can be linked together by sending a message to 567678 or 56161.

There is another method to link Aadhar Card with PAN Card that is  visiting the e-filing website of Income Tax Department and linking both the documents.By linking both the documents helps in getting the tax facilities online.Also you can link Aadhar and Pan Card by mentioning Aadhar in PAN Application when you are aplying for a New PAN Card or you have to mention Aadhar Number when you are requesting  change in the PAN Card.Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) verifies the data and once verification process is done the linking will be completed.The Individual will recieve an One Time Password from the Aadhar Database to their Regitered mobile number.When you are filing Income Tax returns the Government had made it compulsory for the tax payers to mention Aadhar Number. aadhar card link is very is process for who want to link aadhar card with pan card or aadhar card link with bank acccount

Now let us see the procedure for linking PAN Card and Aadhar Card.For linking Aadhar Card and PAN Card the first step is to register in the Income Tax e-Filing portal.After this you have to follow some steps to complete the process.

1.First you have to Log in into the Incometax department e-Filing portal by entering the login id and passoword and date of birth.

2.After you login a pop up window will appear which will ask you to link Aadhar Card and PAN Card.

3.Name,gender and date of birth will be mentioned already at the time of Registration on the Income Tax Department e-Filing site.

4.Check and verify the details on the screen with the details mentioned in the Aadhar Card.

5.If the onscreen details matches with Aadhar details then you have to enter the Aadhar Card Number and click on the “link now” button.

6.A pop up message will be shown which will tell you that Aadhar has been successfully linked with PAN Card.

Now Let us see the above process in detail step by step.

Pan Card With Aadhaar Card

1.The first and fore most step is Registering yourself at the IncomeTax e-filing portal if you have not done already.The URL is as follows:


2.Log into the e-Filing portal of the Income Tax department by entering Log in Id.Password and Date Of Birth.

link aadhar card with pan card

3.On logging into the site a pop up window will appear which will ask you to link Aadhar Car with PAN Card.Suppose if pop up does not appear then go to the “Profile Settings” on the Menu Bar and oen drop down will appear and at the last there will be “Link Aadhar”.Click on it.

aadhar with pancard

4.Details such as Name,gender and date of birth will be already mentioned as per the details submitted at the time of Registration on the Income Tax e-Filing portal.Compare and Verify the details on screen with the ones mentioned on your Aadhar Card.

5.If the details match then you have to enter your Aadhar Card Number and captcha code and click on “Link Aadhar” Button below.

aadhar card with pancard

6.A pop-up message will be displayed which will inform you that your Aadhar Card has been successfully linked to your PAN Card.


aadhar link with pan card

After successfully linking Aadhar Card with Pan Card now let us know the importance of linking PAN Card with Aadhar Card.Both Aadhar Card and PAN Card are the unique identification cards which serve as the proof of identity and for verification purposes.The Government of India has asked all the citizens to link Aadhar Card with the PAN Card.By doing so it serves for various purposes. aadhar card link with bank account is most important for all of us

1.Tax Evasion can be Prevented:By linking Aadhar and PAN Card,Government can keep track on taxable transactions of a individual whose address and identity will be verified by his Aadhar Card.By this Government can effectively record every taxable transaction.In this way tax evasion can prevented since governament  will have detailed record of all the financial transactions that will attract tax.

2.Reduce Multiple Pan Cards:There is also another use of linking Aadhar Cad with PAN Card that is to reduce the occurence of individuals applying for multiple PAN Cards to misled the government and avoid tax payment.If any prson is applying for multiple PAN Cards then he can use one PAN Card for some financial transactions and pay taxes applicable.And he may use another PAN Card for some other financial transactions and avoid paying taxes applicable to it.So, by linking Aadhar Card with PAN Card the government will be able to link the identity of a person through his Aadhar Card and have all the financial transaction details made through the linked PAN Card.If multiple PAN Cards have been registered under the same name then the government will identify it and take necessary action.

Persons who have linked Aadhar Card and PAN Card will be able to file their e-Filing of their  Income Tax easily and quickly.

Now let us see the Correction facility for linking PAN and Aadhar.This correction facility is launched by Income Tax Department.the corrections may be names,or any other information present in Aadhar or PAN Card.Income Tax Department has added two hyperlinks in its official website.One link takes you to the application page of PAN Number and other link takes you to the page where you can update all the necessary changes.If you want to update Aadhar Card details you can logon to Aadhar SSUP(Self Service Update Portal).Here you can also upload all the scanned documents needed for data update request proof.

Let us see some FAQ’s about Linking Aadhar with PAN Card.


Q1.what should i do if the details in the Aadhar Card is not matching with the PAN Card details?

A:If you Aadhar Card details such as name,dob,gender does not match with PAN Card details then you have to give one application with valid proof and correct the details.After this you can apply for linking Aadhar Card with PAN Card. aadhar card link with pan card is one of the important for who had a pancard


Q2.Any document proof has to be submitted to link Aadhar and PAN Card?

A:No,you are not required to submit any document proof for linking Aadhar with PAN Card.Only you have to check PAN information mentioned in the website matches your Aadhar Card and apply them to be linked.


Q3.What details have to be checked when linking my PAN with my Aadhar Card?

A:While linking Aadhar with PAN Card you have to see whether name,date of birth and gender displayed on the income tax website matches with the details on your Aadhar Card.

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